Tubs at Howlistic


We've heard from several of our customers:
"Tubs at Howlistic is the cleanest, nicest
self-serve dog wash in San Diego!"

We offer a bright and airy spa-like space to bathe your dog in a clean and safe environment. We provide aprons to keep you dry, convenient places to leash your dog before and during their bath, and a gentle air dryer for your convenience. Brighten your pup's coat and soothe itchy skin with Howlistic's exclusive line of gentle shampoos and conditioners. We also provide a scrubby and drying towels, plus a warm aloe and cucumber face cloth to pamper your pooch at the end of his bath. Our self-serve dog wash is just $15 and includes all the water, products, and time you need to get your pet looking and feeling his best! We now have a frequent wash card: get 1 free wash after 10 paid washes!

Last wash starts 1 hour before the store closes that way you have time to bathe your dog and we can clean up.

Shampoo Menu 
Gentle Cleaning :: Oatmeal Lemongrass (with aloe leaf & jojoba to nourish skin & coat)
• Relaxation Cleaning :: Lavender Spa (with rose hips & aloe leaf to relax the body & skin)
• Tearless :: Jasmine Honey (jasmine & honey to soothe & moisturize)
Super Clean + Flea Free :: Therapeutic (eucalyptus, aloe vera & chamomile to remove fleas & calm skin) 

• Cool-Air Dryer (15 minutes maximum)

All Baths Include:
Scrubby to remove old hair while massaging skin
Cucumber-Aloe Wash Cloth for a refreshing, relaxing facial
Drying Towel for the wash ‘n’ wear pooch

    All of our skin/coat products are formulated for sensitive skin. They are biodegradable and earth-friendly. They contain NO harsh or artificial detergents, additives, fillers, lanolin, or silicone.