We carry only the finest quality and most carefully sourced products for your pet. We look at where the products are made, what materials they are made from, and what that means for your pet and the planet.

  • Natural Skin/Coat Care and Flea Control Chemical- and detergent-free earth-friendly offerings: Shiny Paw, Dermagic, Dr Ben's Cedar Flea Spray, Earthworks Diatomaceous Earth, and Pet Naturals of Vermont.

  • Eco-friendly Beds, Leashes, Collars Hemp/organic cotton collars and leads, fashionable yet durable leather collars and leads, repurposed climbing rope leads, and recycled soda bottle beds are some of the products we carry from great American manufacturers like West Paw Design, earthdog, Bowsers, Mountain Dog, and San Diego's own Dogla.

  • Unique Toys Largest selection of Made in USA toys anywhere! Planet Dog, West Paw Design, Honest Pet Products, Katie's Bumpers, From the Field, Imperial Cat, and many more.