About Us

About Us

HOWLISTIC opened in 2007 on the belief that conventional thinking concerning animal wellness is not optimizing our dog/cat’s health. Our mission is to help people provide their animal companions the most healthful, holistic existence possible. To achieve our mission, we focus on the following key elements.

  • WELLNESS We emphasize preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to treating disease, by looking at life from a holistic, mind-body-spirit viewpoint. We recommend proper nutrition, adequate exercise, natural supplements/remedies, and healthful lifestyle alternatives while avoiding highly processed foods, toxic chemicals, prescription drugs, and unhealthy choices whenever possible.

  • NUTRITION Optimize the act of being properly nourished. Wellness starts with a proper, species-appropriate diet. Whatever diet you choose for your dog/cat, remember, they rely on you to make the best choices for them.

  • ECOLOGY We focus on the effects of, and relationship between, living beings and their environment. Where and how are the products you buy produced? Are they as “eco-friendly” as possible or do they harm the wellness of our planet?

  • KNOWLEDGE We seek to develop and advance our own and our patrons' knowledge base in relation to assuring animal wellness and a healthier life.

  • COMMUNITY Share the global responsibility of the betterment and wellness of companion animals and their surroundings, and contribute to this goal locally.