Pet Nutrition

If human grade ingredients aren't quite good enough for your pooch, then consider
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Here are some things to keep in mind this summer to help keep your dog and cat healthy and happy:

  • Fireworks aren’t limited to Independence Day celebrations. Keep access to the outdoors limited during fireworks displays on the bays, at the ballpark, and elsewhere.
  • In SoCal outdoor grilling and din...

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Frightening fireworks and increased activity can make dogs and cats behave in unexpected ways. More pets are lost during this holiday period than any other time of year. Here are some tips for a healthy, happy howliday.

Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe:
In recent years there's been a growing trend in the therapeutic use of cannabis for people, but can dogs and cats benefit from it too? The answer is "yes, but..."

There are three species of cannabis but only one, c. ...

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If you’ve put a lot of hard work into your landscaping while still being water wise, but yellow burn spots keep popping it may be due to your pooch. First, make sure it’s the dog — many lawn diseases look the same as the burn caused by dogs.

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Dog baths at Howlistic are fun and a way to help save water! A few good reasons to visit our dog wash: