The holidays can be filled with a lot of merriment and food for everyone, including our furry family members.

Here are a few tips to keep the fun and good cheer this holiday season:

  • Keep the trash contained. Bones, gravy, pie, custards, and used napkins are all yummy, but not so good for the tummy.
  • Keep in mind what's under the tree. Boxes and wrapping paper only disguise a present, they do nothing to hide the scent. Wrapped boxes of chocolate, tins of cookies, and doggie and kitty treats can easily be opened — and eaten, wrapping and all!
  • Keep a tranquil room. Always be sure there's a quiet room where your furry friends can escape from noise and unwanted attention.
  • Keep the bones out of the food dish. Even though there may still be some meat on that drumstick don't give the whole thing to Fido. Cooked bones are brittle and dangerous if eaten.
  • Keep Christmas decorations out of reach. Kitties love to play with shiny things, and that makes tinsel and twinkly ornaments loads of fun. Broken ornaments, tinsel, sparkles, and even light bulbs can all be dangerous to the curious cat and nosy dog.
  • Keep the peace on New Year's Eve. Revelers can make a lot of noise ringing in the New Year. Follow your usual Fourth of July routine if your four-pawed pals are easily scared.

Best wishes for wonderful holiday season.