Why feed whole, organic, non-GMO foods for health instead of synthetic vitamins? For greater overall nutrition!

Whole foods are complex. Besides containing macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) they also come packed with complementary:
- Micronutrients that work together for improved bioavailability.
- Essential fiber to help prevent disease and support healthy digestion.
- Antioxidants to slow down and repair cell and tissue damage.
- Phytonutrients to help prevent cancer and other diseases.

Why choose organic?
- Less residual pesticides (many of which are neurotoxins) and herbicides.
- Support independent farmers.
- Healthier conditions for farm workers.
- Reduce air, water, and ground pollution.
- Sustain and improve biodiversity.

What’s wrong with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?
- GMO food safety has not been proven.
- Genetic engineering reduces genetic diversity ultimately weakening the species.
- GMO seeds were developed to withstand massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Whole food and supplements that come from organic, non-GMO sources are more expensive in the short run. The pay off is a healthy, vibrant dog or cat who will spend less time at the vet office and more time playing in the park.