If human grade ingredients aren't quite good enough for your pooch, then consider Open Farm. They maintain a farm-to-bowl supply chain that is certified by third party organizations specializing in humane animal care and sustainable farming practices. 

Open Farm uses only ocean caught, seasonly sourced fish ingredients to ensure exceptional quality while maintaining their commitment to aquatic animal welfare and the health of our oceans. Meat and poultry ingredients are 100% certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program. And, approximately 90% of their fruits and vegetables are grown locally, either in-state or in a neighboring state.

In addition to using outstanding ingredients Open Farm uses no meat meals. As an alternative to meat meal, ocean caught fish meal, produced in smaller batches with fresh, traceable ingredients, is the concentrated protein. Their fish meal is naturally preserved and does not contain ethoxyquin.

Just when you think Open Farm has done everything right with their food, they go one step further and consider the packaging. Since the vast majority, about 95%, of pet food bags in North America are not recyclable, Open Farm decided to find a better way. By working with TerraCycle, they have provided customers with a free and easy way to recycle Open Farm bags – just return the empty bag to our store for recycling. What could be easier?

Dog food formulas available in White Fish & Green Lentil, Pork & Root Vegetable, and Turkey & Chicken. All formulas are grain-free.

A final note: at this time Open Farm only makes dog food, but stand by – cat food is just around the corner!