If you’ve put a lot of hard work into your landscaping while still being water wise, but yellow burn spots keep popping it may be due to your pooch. First, make sure it’s the dog — many lawn diseases look the same as the burn caused by dogs.

What it is about dog pee that can cause grass to burn? Urine. It’s naturally high in nitrogen, which is a good fertilizer, but too much at once will damage grass and result in yellow spots. Stressed lawns and those already receiving a lot of fertilizer will tend to burn more easily. If you have a big dog or a girl dog the problem may be worse because a big dog produces more urine and girl dogs are more likely to pee at one time and in one spot.

If your lawn burn is the result of your four-legged pal, here are some tips you may want to try.

  • Watering the spot where your dog just peed helps dilute the nitrogen — a quick spritz is usually enough. Trying to conserve water? Then use a watering can filled with catchwater.
  • A longer term solution is to teach your dog to use a non-grass area. If you have large enough yard, make a potty area using small pebbles, sand, or similar well-draining material.
  • Feed a diet made from high quality protein. The nutrients will be absorbed more completely and less nitrogen excreted.
  • Consider switching to a raw diet such as Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Nature’s Logic, or Northwest Naturals. These balanced diets are naturally rich is moisture.
  • If your dog’s diet consists primarily of dry kibble then encourage him to drink more. You may need to offer him a little low sodium broth, which will make him a bit more thirsty. Try adding reconstituted Super Gravy to his food. This rich beef organ broth is hard to resist.
  • If feeding a raw diet just isn’t for you or your dog, then feed a high quality food. Champion Pet Foods makes makes both Orijen and Acana kibble from high quality muscle meat. If you’re looking for a formula that’s a bit lower in protein but is still meat based, then try Acana Singles.
  • Try adding a high quality probiotic/enzyme combination like Animal Essentials to help digest food better so less nutrients are wasted.
A green lawn is nice, but a green lawn that you can feel good about is something both you and your dog can enjoy.