It’s that time of year for stocking stuffers. How about stuffing your furball's stocking with stuffing toys?

Whether you’re trying to slow down a dog who inhales his food, keep your furry pal busy while you’re eating, provide some problem-solving enrichment, or just looking for canine entertainment a simple solution might be stuffing toys.

These days you’ll find a wide range of stuffing toys, treats dispensers, and puzzle toys, which can make choosing what to buy overwhelming. When deciding what to select you first need to decide what your dog, or you, needs.

Many products on the market are excellent choices for several situations. The Kong Wobbler, TreatStik, Planet Dog’s Mazee and Snoop all are combo treat/food dispenser and puzzles. These are great all-around stuffers, and are especially well suited for the dog who eats his food faster than you can vacuum it up, as well as for the dog who enjoys savoring his food and treats.

Simpler stuffing toys are the Kong Classic, Planet Dog’s Produce line (Carrot, Raspberry, Strawberry, etc.). These are perfect for the dog who is an aggressive chewer who shouldn’t be chomping on marrow bones or gnawing on antlers. Just fill these toys with canned food, softened kibbles, Dog for Dog's DogsButter (healthy peanut butter made specifically dogs), cream cheese or a combination. Freezing the stuffed toy will prolong the chewing pleasure.

Whatever stuffing toys you choose be sure they are appropriate both in size and style for your furry friend. If your dog is too impatient for a one-at-a-time treat dispenser, then a stuffed Kong might be a better option. But remember, variety is good. Keep an assortment of treats on hand and rotate stuffing toys to keep your canine buddy mentally stimulated and happy all year long.