Here are some things to keep in mind this summer to help keep your dog and cat healthy and happy:

  • Fireworks aren’t limited to Independence Day celebrations. Keep access to the outdoors limited during fireworks displays on the bays, at the ballpark and elsewhere.
  • It’s awfully tempting to raid the BBQ. Try to keep Fido out of reach of hot grills.
  • Kabob skewers, cooked rib bones, and grilled chicken bones are mighty tasty, but they can be dangerous to the dog who eats them.
  • Exercise early in the morning and late afternoon.
  • Limit periods of exercise, including playtime in the pool or beach, to 20 or 30 minutes periods with rest breaks in between.
  • Think twice before bringing your dog along for errands.
  • Watch out for hot pavement and sand.
  • Always provide plenty of fresh cool drinking water. Olly Dog bowls, Lixit travel bottles, and Ruffwear’s Singletrak Pack hydration backpack are all convenient ways to bring along water.
  • Even slender, younger dogs and cats with longer noses can have overheat easily.
  • Know the signs of heatstroke:
    • rapid breathing
    • thick excessive saliva
    • red gums
    • If your dog or cat shows signs of heatstroke, drape him with cool, wet towels and get him to the vet immediately! Even if he appears to recover he still needs to see a vet, as deadly effects of overheating can appear days later.

 It’s summertime so get out, have fun, and be safe!