New Englanders, Midwesterners, and many others might think it’s springtime year-round here in Southern California. But as far as Mother Nature is concerned March and April means it's spring here too. We give our landscaping special attention, take our dog out for hikes, and without even trying, we encounter a flea population explosion this time of year.

It can actually take a lot of work to make lawns and gardens pretty. Many gardeners rely on the assistance of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Our parks and yards may look inviting, but unfortunately they may hold the key to some of your dog or cat’s itchiness, inflamed feet, red tummy, or worse. Read more >

Spring is also the time we like to take our dogs out for hikes. The mild weather and longer days make our nearby trails very inviting. Most trails require dogs to be on leash, and as much as this may not seem like much fun, keeping your dog on a 6’ leash helps keep you, your dog, and the wildlife a lot safer. Read more >

Birds and the bees, and the flowers and the fleas. Oh, that’s not really how the saying goes, but we do have a big springtime flea bloom. Get ready, because this year should be a whopper. Warm weather mixed with some early spring rain means that along with trees leafing out and daffodils popping up, fleas will be multiplying. Just because you don't see a flea doesn't mean they aren't around yet. Dogs and cats can be itchy weeks after being bitten by a flea. So, it’s time to take get ahead of fleas. Read more >