Pet Nutrition

Fleas are not only a nuisance, driving your whole household crazy with itchiness and hot spots, but they can also carry disease and tapeworms. Worst of all, in most of San Diego County there is no real flea off-sea...

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Here are some things to keep in mind this summer to help keep your dog and cat healthy and happy:

  • Fireworks aren’t limited to Independence Day celebrations. Keep access to the outdoors limited during fireworks displays on the bays, at the ballpark, and elsewhere.
  • In SoCal outdoor grilling and dining is common, and raiding the BBQ is 
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Frightening fireworks and increased activity can make dogs and cats behave in unexpected ways. More pets are lost during this holiday period than any other time of year. Here are some tips for a healthy, happy howliday.

Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe:
  1. Use a calming remedy and/or give your dog a high value favorite chew....

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Bad breath, inflamed gums, unaccountable excessive drooling, reluctance to chew or eat crunchy treats, tartar build-up, and an expensive dental vet bill are common reasons that cause a pet parent to seek dental ...

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The holidays can be filled with a lot of merriment and food for everyone, including our furry family members. Here are a few tips to keep the fun and good cheer this holiday season:

  • Keep the trash contained. Bones, gravy, pie, custards, and used napkins are all yummy, but not so good for the tummy.
  • Keep in mind what's under the tree. Boxes and wrapping paper only disgui...

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People of all ages like Halloween, but our pets usually don't understand that the "monsters" walking up to the house are just children. Here are some common sense precautions to help keep Halloween fun.

Keep the treat bowl stocked with non-chocolate treats that contain only real sweeteners. Not only is chocolate dangerous for many dogs, the artificial sweetener xylitol can h...

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