Orijen and Acana are now made in Kentucky!

Yes, Champion Petfoods built their DogStar kitchens last year and are now making their biologically appropriate dog food (cat food is just around the corner) in the U.S. Along with the change in kitchen facilities come new, similar formulations: still great food, but ingredients sourced closer to home.

The new Acana Heritage line of food (also made in Kentucky) debuted in our store a few weeks ago. Now we're beginning to stock the new Acana Regionals and Acana Singles. Orijen Adult Dog, Puppy, Puppy Large Breed, and Senior will be on our shelves soon. Look for new Regional Red and Six Fish later this summer. Tundra  as well as all of the freeze-dried formulas will remain the same.

You're probably wondering how the new formulas will be different. Here's a brief rundown:

  • Ingredients will be regionally sourced to Kentucky (as local as possible).
  • Acana Regionals formulas will contain 70% and 30% veggies, Singles remain 50/50 (Heritage is 60/40).
  • Orijen will contain dehydrated meat instead of meat meals as the meat concentrate.
  • Origen dog kibble will contain 85% and 15% veggies, except for Tundra, which will remain 80/20.

Regardless of the recipe you'll find the same high quality, protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited ingredients: ranch-raised meats, free-run poultry and eggs, wild-caught fish, and sun-ripened vegetables, fruits, and botanicals.

Champion Petfoods uses whole prey ratios (a nourishing balance of meat, liver, kidney, and cartilage) along with fruits and vegetables to deliver nutrients in a food base, eliminating the need for virtually all additives. Only zinc is added.

Fresh, raw, or dehydrated – all Orijen and Acana meat ingredients are from animals deemed fit for human consumption. Here's how Champion Petfoods defines fresh and raw:

  • FRESH: fresh ingredients that meet the AAFCO standard of REFRIGERATION AS THE SOLE METHOD OF PRESERVATION.
  • RAW: AAFCO offers a variety of raw definitions, Champion Petfoods use only one – RAW INGREDIENTS ARE THE SAME AS FRESH, THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THEY ARE FROZEN.
Look for Meadowland (Wild Prairie), Wild Atlantic (Pacifica), and Appalachian Ranch (Ranchlands). Although the Grasslands name will stay, the ingredients will change a bit.

Coming later this year: new Acana cat formulas and Acana Singles freeze dried treats for dogs.