If you're looking for a new high quality food for your furry companion there's another option for you in our freezer case: Mary's Free Range Chickens. Mary's is usually found only in stores like Whole Foods, but now your dog and cat can enjoy the same high quality food as you do. Choose from Organic Chicken, Duck, or Turkey. All three varieties are suitable for dogs and cats, and are made from free-range, happy birds that get to spend their days pecking at bugs and playing in the grass. Available in three-pound bags of one-ounce sliders.



Natural fiber Abaca-Dabra tug toys are hand-woven by Philippine artisans in a socially responsible and eco-friendly environment from 100% abaca, a type of banana plant native to the Philippines. Abaca is one of the world’s strongest fibers, and is even stronger when wet. 

Dogs love abaca’s irresistible fibrous texture, which is great because it’s naturally anti-microbial and cleans teeth better than cotton. All colors are lead free and come from carefully sourced food-grade dyes. And, because it’s an untreated, natural fiber, when the toy is worn out, it’s biodegradable. Toy shapes include Giraffe, DNA, Tug, Magical Bindi Doll, Circle Tug, Toothbrush, and Monkey Ball.



 If your dog loves to chase Frisbees, but finds the hard plastic too hard, then try the Soft Bite Floppy Disc. Nylon, waterproof fabric sewn around a latex rubber ring makes this the perfect flying disc for dogs. It’s gentle on teeth and gums, yet easy to catch. Plus, the Floppy Disc is machine washable, folds up (making it easy to stuff in your pocket), and floats! We have the 7" Classic Small Fry for smaller dogs with bigger hearts and the 12" Classic, a better fit for bigger dogs.



 Fresh for spring —Fiesta Petware bowls for your pets! Made by Homer Laughlin China in West Virginia, these non-porous, lead free, and chip resistant China bowls are dishwasher safe. Choose from bright, cheery colors like Tangerine, Lemongrass, and Sunflower. These beautiful dishes complement any decor. Available in a wide range of sizes suitable for pets from Great Danes to kitties and everyone in between.



Earth Friendly Productsthe largest manufacturer of natural cleaning products in the USA, has a whole petcentric line to help you care for dogs, cats, the household laundry, and your furniture. All products are safe for you, your pet, and the environment.

Ecos-Pet Laundry Detergent — A specially formulated laundry detergent for your pet's harnesses and collars, linens, beds, etc. Free of essential oils, fabric softeners, and optical brighteners, it's ideal for pets and their owners with skin sensitivities.

Pet Stain & Odor Remover   The formula uses natural ingredients ideal for removing stains and odors due to pet accidents, urine, vomit, blood, and food on fabric, carpeting, tile, sealed wood floors, upholstery, and furniture. Available in three sizes.

Skunk Odor Remover  Using a natural way to remove odors, this product eliminates skunk odor from your pet, fabrics, carpeting, tile, sealed wood floors, upholstery, furniture, and any water-safe surface. Doesn't irritate skin, pets' coats, or paws.

Pet Training Aid  This patented formula is made from natural ingredients. Use Pet Training Aid to train your pet to cease chewing on objects. Use on all water-safe surfaces.

Dander Out  Dander Out removes dander and body odor from your pet. Made from natural ingredients that remove dander from your pet's coat and skin. Use as a rinse to remove body odors. Can be used as a detangler. 

Kitty Litter Treatment  This plant derived formula is great for eliminating odors and scents of kitty urine and waste. It is especially useful for homes with multiple cats.

Pet Wipes  Made of natural ingredients, Pet Wipes can be used to remove dirt from your pet's paws and coat after walks. Great for use on pets that are difficult to bathe. Use to gently clean face, ears, and anal area. Helps keep pets clean between baths. Removes and controls dander that contributes to allergies.